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Server Files

-Fixe GTA Menu(Launch From Hud while online)
-Fixed Errors in B01/Ghosts
-Improved KV Life

-Fixed Errors to COD: MW3/B03/AW, should no longer crash


-Updated to 17559

-Fixed More Mods Errors(COD)
-Added Custom XML/XUI Method(See Change Dash XUI Folder)
-Added Halo 3 Mod Menu Manager(Buggy, still testing)
-Improved KV Life
-Added Full Manifest
-Added Help Section & Video

-Fixed COD Mod Menu Errors, Ive test COD menu's, should not crash on you now.
-Removed MW2 Mod Menu
-Removed MSP Spoof
-Added Change Color Method(please check folder)
-Added UI & Color On/off to silent.ini
-Changed Server Menu, enable cheats from there. Please note, enable battlefield offhosts at Multiplayer Screen.